A little child dials 911 and the funny recording gets viral… Actually she saves her father’s life… Watch the video to know how…

With this one, Dad might have his hands full. She’s both adorable and hilarious.

No parent likes to consider their child being involved in a potentially dangerous scenario. The one saving grace in this situation is understanding how smart and resilient children can be, especially when faced with a crisis. Kids recall their training and leap into action, and one of the skills we teach them is how to summon assistance.

With that knowledge, one girl saved her father’s life.

Savannah, a five-year-old from Indiana, saved her father’s life by knowing how to phone 911 when he was experiencing chest symptoms. She maintained her composure and communicated clearly.

With giggles, she also choked them up.
In reality, the 911 call was recorded and went viral.

When operator Jason Bonham asked what was wrong, the tiny child was able to tell him exactly what was wrong.

“Um… my father can’t seem to breathe,” she explained.

Bonham instantly dispatched an ambulance to their residence.

“OK… “You have to come real quick!” she exclaimed.

He assuaged her fears by assuring her that they were on their way. Bonham then inquired as to if her father was still awake, to which she replied that he was.

Bonham inquired as to whether the door was unlocked.
She had to ask her father, who told her it wasn’t the case. She then obeyed Bonham’s directions and unlocked the door, allowing emergency responders to enter their homes.

Watch the video below for the full story

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