A low-income single mother built her own 18.5 square meter house. Looking inside, you will immediately want to move into it!

A lot can change in one year. Until recently, Michelle Boyle was forced to pay $1,300 a month to rent a small house in Sherwood, Oregon.

Since the rent was high and the salary low, she had no chance of accumulating savings. All that she earned working in a cafe went to cover the cost of rent and food.

But what could she do? It is very difficult to find cheaper housing, and it is simply impossible to go out with children.

But after a while, when the children moved, the situation changed — that’s when Michelle decided to change her life. With what little savings she did manage to accumulate, she built her own tiny house.

Not only did this help cut her monthly expenses almost completely, but it also allowed Michelle to start saving for her future retirement.

How did Michelle do it?

She began to look at small home owners’ websites where people shared their experience of building and planning for the sake of saving on housing and financial stability.

She managed to build a house for a small amount of money, which she moved into from her big house.

Michelle used to spend $1,300 a month renting a three-bedroom house — now she lives in a small house of 18.5 square meters. For a small piece of land on which the house stands, Michel pays only $65 per month.

This price includes electricity, water and WiFi!

‘Building something with your own hands is a very rewarding experience,’ Michelle says in an interview with Oregon Live. ‘I didn’t just build my house, I designed it.’

Take a look inside her modest dwelling and you will definitely not remain indifferent! Our tour of the house begins with the quaint little kitchen where Michelle spends most of her time.

All instruments belong to the 40s and early 50s. Michelle said it took her two years to find and restore her collection.

There is enough space in the house for a small staircase leading to the attic, where Michel usually reads books or just relaxes.

Not bad idea!

In the living room there is another staircase leading to the bedroom. As you can see, Michelle was able to place a lot of furniture here to make the space as homely and cozy as possible.

What’s in Michelle’s living room? She made it very cozy for Christmas! It seems that the area of ​​the house is more than 18.5 square meters

Great job, Michelle! You have built a wonderful and unique home.

Instead of enjoying a well-deserved rest, she continues to explore and build tinier houses. She plans to rent them out as a source of income in the future.

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