Stranger’s life was saved by a bumper sticker after she prayed to the universe for ‘a sign’…

Brooke Lacey, one 22-year-old university student, had her fair share of difficulties, including the emotional health effect of the epidemic.

After winning her fight with sadness, Lacey, a native of New Zealand, was inspired to construct a batch of 600 signs that read: “It’s okay to not be okay.” This was done in the hope that it might assist others going through similar experiences.

“I beg you not to end your life now. Please, the world is a lot better place, so stay, there is more to it than you think.”

Around the city of Wellington, Lacey attached copies of the statement to various public structures, such as bridges, overpasses, and walls next to railways and rivers, she printed it as a bumper sticker as well.

Lacey was taken aback when she discovered a handwritten message tucked away beneath the windshield wiper that thanked her for preventing the writer from ending up:

“I left my home with a plan and begged for a sign, any indication, I was doing the right thing when I noticed your vehicle in the parking lot, so thank you.”

It took some time for Lacey’s thoughts to go back to the bumper sticker that she had attached earlier:

“I had these placed so long ago that i forgot about them, until now. Whoever you are, I am really happy that you choose to remain here today. You never know who may benefit from being reminded of this.”

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