The Actor’s Biological Father Abandoned Him As A Child, So Dean Cain Sacrificed His Career To Raise His Son Alone

Dean Cain’s father abandoned the family soon after he was born, so the actor was determined to be a better father when the time came. He gave up his career once he had children to raise his son, and now they have a great relationship.

Dean Cain’s heart wasn’t always in the movie business, even though he would become a well-known movie star. He preferred playing professional football to being on the big screen.

But a knee accident ended his athletic career and pushed him into acting, where he landed his breakthrough role as Clark Kent/Superman in the 1993 film “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.”

He would go on to play a variety of roles in films like “The Broken Hearts Club,” “Rat Race,” “Out of Time,” & “Bailey’s Billion Dollars,” among many more.

Many people do not become aware that the man who raised him was not his biological father, but he remembers playing sports with many famous people his age at the time.

Cain’s Father Abandoned Them

The actor is the son of Sharon Tanaka, an actress, and Roger Tanaka. Dean George Tanaka was born on July 31, 1966, in Mount Clemens, Michigan.


Unfortunately, his father abandoned the family after only two years of marriage to Sharon (1964–1966). Cain and his brother Roger were adopted by Christopher Cain, a director when he and Cain’s mother married when Cain was three years old.

Cain never got to meet his biological father, even though his name was on his birth certificate. Later, he adopted the last name of his adoptive father. He revealed:

“My biological father is Japanese. He was someone I never met or knew.”


When Dean’s biological mother and father divorced, Dean’s father likewise moved on, married Grace Southhard in 1982, and began a family. But he was never in touch with his sons.

Cain promised to be a better father to his children once he had children because of the experience of having his biological father desert him.

Cain Becomes A Dad

Cain had multiple brief relationships, much like many actors, mostly with actresses and models. He gave birth to his 1st child in June 2000 with Samantha Torres, a Spanish model, and former Playboy Playmate.


Cain gave his son the name Christopher after his adoptive father. His relationship with Torres suffered due to the bitter custody case, even though he was thrilled to become a parent.

The “Hit The Floor” star fought for his son with all his might, vowing to be the father he had always said he would be. In 2011, he was given sole custody.

He raised his son actively, telling ABC News that he’s always prepared Christopher’s meals since that’s the only way Christopher would consume food. Actor’s statement:

“I prepare all of my child’s meals. He won’t eat if I don’t make something. I’m a really skilled steak cook. Creating something out of the nine leftovers I have is another skill I have.”

Even though Cain is a more involved father than many actors, he has some challenges. Although he agreed that the stability was excellent for Christopher, he admitted that balancing work and PTA meetings was difficult. He ultimately decided on Christopher’s best interests.

Cain Made Sacrifices For His Son


It has never been simple to raise a child on your own, and Cain experienced the same difficulties. He struggled to balance his jobs and cook for his son at home, but he handled it gracefully.

He shuffled multiple jobs, which made his situation more challenging. Being a writer, producer, director, talk show host, & political analyst had already taken up much of his time.

However, he would admit that his son took precedence over him when it came to writing for programs like “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” or “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.”


He declined significant roles throughout the first 18 years of his son’s life until starting again when Christopher graduated from high school. Being a father first & an actor second was the foundation of his parenting style.

Most of his supporters did not get how he could sacrifice his profession in favor of his son. However, he admitted that he favored taking on acting assignments that would be short-lived and enable him to go home and be with his son.

He wanted to coach football, basketball, and baseball for Christopher and be there for his Jujitsu competitions. he revealed to Closer Weekly:

“I’m there. I’m a highly involved dad, and I’d never do it else. I’m fortunate to be able to pursue so many various things while still putting my responsibilities as a father first.”

A Close Father-Son Bond

Since the young man, now Cain, was born, their relationship has been close and has only gotten stronger. Cain’s numerous Instagram images on his account show how close the two are.


They frequently go out to lunch together, & Cain describes his son as his favorite person. Dean invited Christopher to visit his alma university, Princeton, so they could spend more time together and learn more about Dean’s past.

The two seem to enjoy traveling together and going to events like NASCAR, as evidenced by Cain’s photographs taken at several airport terminals. They always stand by one other’s sides and enjoy each other’s company.

Even Cain’s son, who had just graduated from high school, had been sent to High Point University in North Carolina. The “Meant To Be” actor also expressed his pride in his 16-year-old son for receiving his driver’s license.

Besides enjoying his father’s company, Christopher enjoys spending time with his half-siblings, Isabelle and Elijah Torres, who frequently visit the house. Cain claims

“Anything I could do to help those two. Although it could be described as a broken home, if you hang out in our house, you won’t believe that.”

Christopher should be pleased with Cain because he believes he did the best for his son. He said spending time with his son made his days worthwhile. “Waking up and spending the day at home with my son would be the perfect day for me,” He said.

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